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Servi-Tech in the News

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Pete Kruse, Servi-Tech’s director of operations, was quoted in a story in the Dodge City Daily Globe this week.

Here’s the story!

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Kansas cuts 25th billionth bushel of wheat

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Here’s a great story from The Hutchinson News (in Hutchinson, Kan):

The 25th billionth bushel of wheat in a century of Kansas wheat production was harvested earlier this month.

Farmer Mike Brown ceremoniously caught grain in a bushel basket on his farm near Colby to mark the achievement, as his son Tanner unloaded the combine into a grain cart.

Kansas Wheat reported the 25th billionth bushel cut last week. According to the association, 25 billion bushels equals more than 1 trillion commercial loaves of bread.

While an amazing feat, it’s not surprising considering Kansas’ rich history as the nation’s breadbasket, producing nearly one-fifth of all the wheat grown in the United States.

Read the rest here.

7.26.13 blog

Wheat is cut near Dodge City in southwest Kansas in June.

Wheat Harvest

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We wanted to share a YouTube video with you about this year’s wheat harvest.

And here are a couple of news stories about how the wheat harvest is going:

Radio Servi-Tech

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Each week a few of our agronomists give a report on how the fields are looking in Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado and Iowa. This report, called Radio Servi-Tech, is available online.

To listen to Radio Servi-Tech, go here each week:

We’ll have more updates each week!

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Servi-Tech in the News

Servi-Tech has been in the news recently!

Here’s a link to a news article from the Dodge City (Kan.) Daily Globe, in which Bryan Boroughs, a technical support agronomist, talked about frost damage done to wheat in the area.

And here’s the latest column in The Wichita Eagle from Mark Vierthaler, Servi-Tech’s director of communications.

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Drilling Wheat in Kansas

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Servi-Tech recently visited Circle C Farms in western Kansas. Here are some photos!

Harvest – The Big Picture

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Earlier today we found a post on Facebook linking to a series of photos from The Boston Globe.

The 41 photos are from harvest from around the world, from the U.S. to Ghana to South Korea. You can check out the photos here. (They really are beautiful.)

From the Boston Globe:

Worldwide, festivals and rituals mark the passage from growing season to harvest, with indigenous and popular practices making fall in the Northern Hemisphere a festive time. This year sees a reduced harvest in much of the world as extreme weather decimated many regions. Half of the United States is in prolonged drought, as well as much of Europe. In India, the monsoon is 20 percent off the annual average. Food prices are expected to rise by 2013 as demand taxes supplies, and later the price rises will transfer to the meat industry as costs of feed for livestock are passed on. Gathered here are images of farms industrial and traditional, crops critical and obscure, and harvest festivals among drought and bounty.

Photo via The Boston Globe.