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Servi-Tech in the News

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Pete Kruse, Servi-Tech’s director of operations, was quoted in a story in the Dodge City Daily Globe this week.

Here’s the story!

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Finally, some rain

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We’ve been blessed with several rain showers in recent weeks at Servi-Tech’s headquarters in Dodge City, Kan.


Last night, the heavens opened and dropped almost 3.5 inches in the Dodge City area. (Photo courtesy Servi-Tech’s Director of Operations Pete Kruse)

The National Weather Service in Dodge City said on its Facebook page that Dodge City’s precipitation is .29″ above normal for the year. The weather service has measured more than 15 inches of rain this year in Dodge; we’ve received 6.78 inches of rain in August alone.

This is a big deal to people who live in southwest Kansas (and Nebraska, Colorado, and other states) because of the drought that has lasted for years. The U.S. Drought Monitor has much of western Kansas listed in exceptional drought (it’s updated every Thursday, so this information is from last week).

flooded field

A flooded field that one of our Kansas agronomists checks.

We’re thankful for whatever moisture we get – although it’s kind of weird to see photos of flash flooding in western Kansas.

Here are some links to weather stories in our region:

From The Garden City Telegram (Kansas): Recent rainfall across state shatters records, could ease drought (Aug. 12, 2013)

From (Nebraska): Rain, hail impacts Broken Bow (Aug. 12, 2013)

From The Grand Island Independent (Nebraska): Rain helps crops, but cool weather slowing development (Aug. 12, 2013)

From The Garden City Telegram (Kansas): Cleanup in progress after Wednesday torrent (Aug. 2, 2013)

Radio Servi-Tech

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Each week a few of our agronomists give a report on how the fields are looking in Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado and Iowa. This report, called Radio Servi-Tech, is available online.

To listen to Radio Servi-Tech, go here each week:

We’ll have more updates each week!

radio servi-tech


Good afternoon!

Parts of the Midwest are experiencing heavy rains and waterlogged fields.

Servi-Tech agronomist Pat Mai sent this photo from Iowa.

Servi-Tech agronomist Pat Mai sent this photo from Iowa.

Here’s a story from Ag Professional about how the crops fair in heavy rains.

Corn and soybean survival in waterlogged soils

Over the last five days, some areas in South Dakota, Iowa and other states have received more than 6 inches of rainfall leading to ponded or flooded areas in fields. Water saturated or waterlogged soils lack enough oxygen for root respiration and many wonder, “How long can corn and soybeans plants at early growth stages survive in these waterlogged soils?” There are many factors that lead to this question’s answer says Nathan Mueller, South Dakota State University Extension Agronomist.

“We know that the crop growth stage, variety/hybrid, duration of ponding/saturation, soil type, soil/air temperature, and other factors can affect the survival of corn and soybean plants under these waterlogged conditions,” Mueller said. “Unfortunately other factors reduce plant population related to flooding including crusting, plants covered in sediment or buried under residue, and increase in seed/seedling diseases like damping-off in soybean.”

Currently, the crop growth stages of most corn and soybean range from germination to V3 and germination to V1, respectively. At these early growth stages of germination, emergence and early vegetative, Mueller says both corn and soybean plants are negatively impacted quite quickly by waterlogged conditions.

“Crops that are not completely submerged have some limited capacity for diffusion of oxygen to occur from the shoot to the root, which increase survival time,” he said. “Oxygen is needed by plant cells for growth and development including germination.”

Read the rest of the story here, or at

Video of Corn Planting

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Corn planting is currently underway in Kansas, Colorado, Nebraska and Iowa. This year our agronomists are taking videos of the process.

Here’s our video.

Spring Weather Photos

It is spring time…right?

We wanted to share some photos with you that were taken over the past couple of weeks.

photo from orvin

Planting delayed again for a few days. (Photo by Orvin Bontrager)

Dave's photo

Haxtun, Colo. got a mix of rain, snow and hail last week. (Photo by Dave Green)


This photo was taken in southwest Kansas last week.

Servi-Tech in the News

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The following articles appeared in the Dodge City Daily Globe’s agriculture insert.

Note: Click on each article to make it easier to read.