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Servi-Tech Distributes Over $245,000 in Cash Patronage

Servi-Tech Distributes Over $245,000 in Cash Patronage

Servi-Tech, Inc. recently distributed more than $245,000 in cash patronage to its cooperative owners for business activity during the last crop-growing season.

“Patronage distributions make Servi-Tech a unique leader in agronomic and laboratory services,” said Servi-Tech CEO Greg Ruehle. “These distributions are based on total business activity by each Common and Preferred shareholder, and the patronage percentage is approved by the Servi-Tech Board of Directors each year.”Servi-Tech currently has 63 Common Stock and 96 Preferred Stock members. Patronage payments are determined by the amount of business each member does with Servi-Tech’s crop Services and Laboratory divisions.

Servi-Tech has increased its service offerings over the past several years, including precision ag tools, soil moisture monitoring technology, and upgrades to the three laboratories. These advancements have helped further establish Servi-Tech as the nation’s leading source of agronomic knowledge.

“Patronage creates a true partnership between Servi-Tech and our owners,” Ruehle said. “Since 1975, we have allocated $10 million of patronage dividends to members, with almost $3 million of that total in cash payments.”

Servi-Tech, the nation’s largest agronomic firm, was organized in 1975 by three farmer-owned cooperatives to provide technical service for agricultural producers in southwest Kansas. Today, Servi-Tech provides consulting to approximately 2,000 farmers across seven states and over 1 million acres. Servi-Tech Laboratories has agricultural customers in all 50 states and over six countries. For more information visit