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Good afternoon!

Awards were given out to Servi-Tech’s crop service and lab employees this month. Congratulations to everyone who won an award!

Here are some photos of the ceremonies.

Bryan Boroughs edited

Bryan Boroughs received the 400,000 acre award.

Mike Dart 2 edited

Shane Wurm received the 300,000 acre award.

Jared Andersen edited

Jared Andersen received the 200,000 acre award and the 15-year award.

BJ New 2 edited

BJ New was named a senior agronomist.

Beau Davis edited

Beau Davis was named a senior agronomist.

Bryce Vance edited

Bryce Vance was named a technical service agronomist.

Andrew Vrbka edited

Andrew Vrbka was named a technical service agronomist.

Orvin Bontrager edited

Orvin Bontrager received the 35-year award.

Kirk Rice edited

Kirk Rice received the 35-year award.

Mitch Counce edited

Mitch Counce received the 35-year award.

Mike Dart edited

Mike Dart received the 25-year award and the agronomist of the year award.

patty_pruett (3)

Patty Pruett received the 30-year award.


Fred Vocasek received the 30-year award.


Ellie Elmore received the 25-year award.

Jeff Nitsch edited

Jeff Nitsch received the 25-year award.


Nancy Jenny received the 25-year award.


Cindy Klein received the 15-year award.


Teresa Hafer received the 10-year award.


Betty Spease received the 15-year award.

Clint Burmester edited

Clint Burmester received the 10-year award.

Steve Bryan edited

Steve Bryan received the 10-year award.


Gary Henry received the 10-year award.

Seth Lade edited

Seth Lade received the Leadership Award.

Justin Meyer edited

Justin Meyer received the New Employee of the Year Award.

Letter from the American Society of Agronomy

Letter from the American Society of Agronomy

Good afternoon!

We received a letter from the American Society of Agronomy, complimenting Fred Vocasek, our senior lab agronomist, on his ASA accomplishments.

Thanks to Sharon Clay, ASA president, for sending it to us!