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Wheat Harvest

Good morning!

We wanted to share a YouTube video with you about this year’s wheat harvest.

And here are a couple of news stories about how the wheat harvest is going:

Farm Parody Videos

Good morning!

The Peterson Farm Brothers have released another agriculture parody video. The latest one is called A Fresh Breath of Farm Air (Fresh Prince Parody).

You can find that video here.

a fresh breath of farm air

Here are their other videos:

What’s Really Important?

This is a wonderful story that’s definitely worth your time reading. It comes from Jeff Fowle, a fourth generation family farmer and rancher from Etna, Calif.

Common Sense Agriculture's Blog


We have started the hay season and time is limited for posting to my blog. However, an experience with my son last week meant the world to me and while sitting on a plane to Washington DC today, I took the time to share it. Yes, it is lengthy, but perhaps you too will find a value in my experience to carry into your own life.

Epiphanies come when you least expect them. Lately, my six-year-old son has provided me a plethora.

Last week I had a series of “challenging” days with my son, culminating with an ever so important “life moment.”

Ever since Kyle started going out with me on the ranch to “help,” I have made a concerted effort to teach him responsibility, a strong work ethic, to be creative and do things independently…traits I believe will serve him advantageously in the future. However, sometimes this newly discovered…

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Radio Servi-Tech

Good afternoon!

Each week a few of our agronomists give a report on how the fields are looking in Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado and Iowa. This report, called Radio Servi-Tech, is available online.

To listen to Radio Servi-Tech, go here each week:

We’ll have more updates each week!

radio servi-tech

Beef Empire Days

Good afternoon!

We went to Beef Empire Days earlier this week in Garden City. We enjoyed some delicious steak at the Roto-Mix Cattlemen’s Steak Cookout.

Here are some photos!