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I’m Farming and I Grow It

If you want a good laugh today, watch the I’m Farming and I Grow It video on YouTube.

When we first watched it yesterday, there was just under 2,000 views. Now there’s nearly 240,000!

The Peterson Farm Bros also have a Facebook page.

Well done, guys!

Update: There’s a story about the brothers who created the video on Kansas Agland. Check it out!

Avoid Heat-Related Illness

Good morning!

This week’s forecast calls for hot, dry weather in much of the country. Servi-Tech put together the following graphic to remind those who work outside to stay safe and hydrated.

Kansas Wheat Harvest Report

Today Kansas Agland published its final wheat harvest report.

From the story:

“The 2012 wheat harvest is nearly complete, according to the weekly Crop Report issued by Kansas Ag Statistics Monday. Statewide, 96% of the crop was harvested by the end of the weekend, and with temperatures again climbing to triple digits Monday, a good portion of the wheat left in the field will be cut by mid-week.

“In Cheyenne County, the Wheeler Coop Mercantile filled its silos with a million bushels of wheat in just 12 days, according to manager Dale Weeks. Farmers reported yields ranging from 30 to 90 bushels per acre, with most farmers averaging between 60 and 70. Test weight ranged from 60 to 64 pounds, with protein averaging 11.

“St. Francis area farmer Chuck Downey finished harvest on Sunday. Yields in his area of Cheyenne County were surprisingly good, considering very little rain came in May. Yields ranged between 40 and 75 bushels per acre, with 59 to 63 pound test weights and 12 protein on average. Downey says the Syngenta variety Sy Gold and WestBred’s Stout were his top varieties.

“Harvest is about finished at the Frontier Ag elevator in Kanorado. Tamara Nagel says the 2012 harvest will be about normal in total bushels received; the elevator has taken in more than one million bushels in all with just a few days of activity remaining. Farmers report yields ranging from 50 to 60 bushels per acre, with 60 pound test weights and protein about 12.

“Cornerstone Ag in Colby is finished with harvest, according to Audrey Hines. The company’s three locations in Colby took in about 1.6 million bushels in all, about half a normal year. Yields average about 50 bushels per acre, with 60 pound test weights and protein at 11.5.”

Read the complete story here.

This week in photos

Good afternoon, and happy Friday!

Here are some photos that we’ve collected on our Facebook page this week. We hope you enjoy them!

“In the corn field.” – Servi-Tech Director of Education Orvin Bontrager

“My favorite time of the year” – Servi-Tech Agronomist Monte Roetman (Nebraska)

Servi-Tech Director of Communications Mark Vierthaler attended the ribbon cutting for the new Western State Bank Expo Center today.

And here’s one more. The weather forecast for next week will top 100 degrees each day (in southwest Kansas, at least). Good times!

Next week will be hot.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Cattle, Corn and Cowboys

Good afternoon, bloggers!

Yesterday the Servi-Tech Communications staff got out of the office and into the country. Here are some photos we took near Meade in Kansas.


Good afternoon and happy Friday!

Here are some recent wheat harvest photos.  Enjoy, and be safe!

Wheat harvest 2012. Photo from John Payne.

Photo from John Payne.

Not a bad view! Photo from John Payne

Photo from Steve Bryan.

Photo from Steve Bryan.

Photo from Steve Bryan.

Photo from Steve Bryan.

Photo from Steve Bryan.

Servi-Tech to Offer Online Marketing Services

Happy Monday and happy June, bloggers!

Below is a press release about a new service Servi-Tech is offering.

  • Contact: Mark Vierthaler, director of communications
  • Phone: 1 (800) 557-7509 ext. 1205
  • E-mail:

Servi-Tech to Offer Online Marketing Services

Technology in the Internet age has completely transformed the way people communicate. It’s also had a profound affect on the way companies do business.

Many businesses see the need for online marketing but either don’t know how to approach it or don’t have the time to implement it.

In an effort to help companies better serve their customers, Servi-Tech is currently accepting clients for its new online marketing services. Businesses in any geographic location are welcome.

“All businesses need to do a better job of telling their story,” said Mitch Counce, Servi-Tech CEO. “Correctly utilizing online media tools is the most effective way of educating and reaching people concerning their food choices.”

Services that Servi-Tech will offer include social media set-up and management, including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, along with video production and other marketing techniques.

Although Servi-Tech does emphasize agricultural companies, the service is being offered to any industry.

“Agriculture has to be its own voice to tell of the advances and ways it makes the planet more productive,” said Mark Vierthaler, director of communications. “In the past, agriculture has allowed others to be its voice. We can’t do that anymore.”

In a digital world, businesses need to have a plan in place to reach out to customers and respond to controversial or negative feedback. Having a presence online also means a business can address any misinformation being said about the company or industry.

Servi-Tech Communications has been testing its online marketing model on a handful of clients for the past year.

One client that Servi-Tech has been working with is Jim Whitt, founder of Purpose Unlimited – Transforming Lives, leaders and Organizations through the Power of Purpose.

“Servi-Tech online marketing connects me with prospects and customers in cyberspace,” Whitt said. “Servi-Tech maintains all of my social media sites to keep me in front of my target audience 24/7. They manage it all for you to maximize your return on investment. You can’t afford not to do it.”

Whitt said online marketing is similar to word-of-mouth advertising.

“Word of mouth has always been the best advertising you can have,” he said. “Servi-Tech takes word of mouth and shouts it over the Internet, enabling you to reach more prospects and customers for a fraction of the cost of traditional media.”

For more information, contact Mark Vierthaler, director of communications, at 800-557-7509 or email him at

Servi-Tech was organized in 1975 by three farmer-owned cooperatives to provide technical service for agricultural producers in southwest Kansas. Today, Servi-Tech provides consulting to approximately 2,000 farmers across five states and over 1 million acres.

Servi-Tech Laboratories established its first laboratory in Dodge City in 1977. It has since opened the Hastings, Neb. Laboratory in 1999 and a third laboratory in Amarillo, Texas. The labs test soil, water, feed, plant tissue, fertilizer, manure, and more.