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Making the Planet More Productive

Servi-Tech recently announced that its purpose “Making the Planet More Productive.”

Director of Communications Mark Vierthaler lets us know about the new project to find out what that really means to those helping with productivity — Servi-Tech staff.

Feeding the Hungry

This is going to be a short post, because I’ve always felt a bit odd bragging about charity. After all, they say the best charity is anonymous. However, I’m more than happy to brag about OTHER people’s charity, because it’s really great to see that in a world of bitter division, there are times when people can still come together for the greater good. But first, a little background.

For the past almost-decade, Dodge City (where Servi-Tech corporate headquarters is based), has been hosting its own Parade of Lights. After the sun sets, the local marching bands and community orchestra wind their way through downtown Dodge City, ending at the “Mayor’s Tree.” The evening’s climax comes when the button is pressed and the tree is lit. Now, before this shindig takes place there’s a chili feed. Over the past couple years it’s continued to grow both with entrants and people attending. With roughly 1,000 people bopping around downtown Dodge City, we decided it would be the perfect time to take up a food collection for Dodge’s local food pantry/homeless shelter — The Manna House.

Photo copyright Dodge City Daily Globe, 2009

So, while we served up some homemade chili to the chilly patrons, we also collected canned goods on behalf of the shelter. Servi-Tech employees Fred Vocasek and Jenny Barriga helped collect the donations and serve up the piping up bowls of goodness.

Employees of Servi-Tech who couldn’t make the trek out for the chili also really stepped up to the plate and filled up two full boxes of food to take down. So, I just wanted to wish everyone a very blessed Merry Christmas, and say thank you to everyone who showed your generosity while helping with this project!